Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sage-rise musings

Good morning, Seekers and Acolytes. The Sage has arisen early today so that the entrance to the Mystic Cave might be clear this week. The Seekers for this week may be found here

The First Seeker's sister is dating a registered sex offender, convicted of having molested a younger sister. The sister claims he was innocent and falls back on the accusation of the Seeker's family being "non-Christian" in choosing not to forgive him and permit him around the various minor nephews and nieces.

The Seeker tends to lean heavily to the side of protection of our young. Forgiveness can be a wonderful thing; however, the old expression of "Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me" comes into play here. Every criminal feigns innocence. Some are genuine in their denial of guilt. However, short of convening a trial with your fammily members as judge and jury, the only way to ascertain the validity of this man's claim of innocence is to discover his on-going abuse of a new batch of children. If you and yours wish to use your own children as subjects of this experiment, then you do not deserve the title of "parents."

The Seeker via video letter enjoys attending musical; however, the Seeker's close friend who usually attends with the Seeker sings or hums to every song she knows during the performance.

The Sage recommends that you explain to your friend that while she has a beautiful voice (or not!), you have paid to hear these professionals do the singing for now. Add that she may sing to her heart's content following the performance. Or, simply turn to her and ask, "Who's sings this?" When she answers the character on stage, say, "Let him."

The next Seeker sent inexpensive gifts to in-laws, warning them in advance that they would be less magnificent than usual. The mother-in-law send back her gift, claiming it was cheap and inappropriate, and demanded the return of her own gift to the Seeker.

The Sage is confused. You stated that this purse was a "gift", not account receivable on account of items paid. More importantly, how is it that "you" are giving these gifts, and not your spouse, the mother-in-law's child? Inform him (or her) of what has transpired and allow him to deal with the matter. The Sage strongly discourages you from returning her gift, explaining that once she gave it away, she lost control of its disposition. If this incident means that you no longer with this woman, consider it a win.

The next Seeker to approach the Mystic Cave has diagnosed a former coworker's difficulties in remaining employed as evidence that he has Asperger's Syndrome, and wishes to send him to a medical professional for help.

The Sage thinks your plan of explaining to this man that he is somehow deficient and needs medical intervention is magnificent. Certainly, simply advising him that he needs to find a position with limited contact with the public would not sufficiently establish your fine credentials as an unlicensed diagnostician. The Sage commends your ingenuity.

(Note to lesser Advisor: Asperger's is NOT a "mental condition", but a neurological developmental disorder. Thanks for the disinformation.)

Today's final Seeker plays high stakes poker with several friends, one of whom has been seen cheating on several occasions.

Thank you for this simple question. The Sage knows that the best thing to do is to wait until the cheater makes his move, point out the act, and order him to go, leaving any and all winnings on the table. Permit him to return, continuing to be vigilant as to his subterfuge. After he has been caught enough times with large enough stakes remaining, you should each have won back any of his ill-gotten gains. However, it would be more entertaining to hire a pair of actors dressed as policement to break into the game, preferably on cue from just outside the door upon your text command.