Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sufferin' Sage-otash!

The Sage is even more weary of hearing inquiries regarding Facebook than of hearing complaints from Bridezillas. However, today's Seekers may be found here:

1. The Sage regrets to inform you that you did not hit the jackpot, if you are constantly in fear of your harmonious household being disrupted by this man. Inform him that you and he are going to family counselling and possibly classes on child development, so that he will learn what to expect from such youngf children. If he balks, explain how much more inexpensive this will be than child support. The Sage would add to the advice of the Lesser Advisor that the dinner table affords an excellent opportunity for all family members to share in pleasant, non-threatening conversation.

2. The Sage would remind you of the adage, that if everyone waited until they could afford to have children, humans would soon become extinct. Your description of your coworker sounds quite hostile, but it is unclear whether this hostility began to show itself to your superiors before or after her promotion. If parenthood is your goal, one or both of you might consider moonlighting to build up your nest egg, furthering your education in order secure more gainful employment, or merely brushing off the resumes to dearch for a better opportunity. If you are in an area especially hard hit by economic woes, consider relocating to greener pastures. While blaming others for your misfortune is easier than working smarter, the latter is much more productive. As to your suggestion of committing extortion or blackmail, bear in mind that both are illegal. Sexual harassment, including promoting someone else because of her sexual favors, is also illegal, actionable, and more beneficial for you to discuss with an attorney.

3. The Sage recommends that you do not attempt to get over your fear, but rather cultivate it. By your own admission, you are quite attracted to this woman. You are unavailable, but pursuing a platonic relationship with this woman - which you know you secretly hope will transform to a sexual one - can only harm your marriage. Find another class or another gym. If you plan to stay married to the woman you married, avoid this more scrumptuous woman.

4. The Sage believes that your primitive transportation device has been placed before your beast of burden. By all means, feel free to add this person to your list of Facebook friends. If you then find that he makes a number of posts with which you vehemently disagree, you can either try to engage him in intelligent debate on the issues on which you disagree, or you can hide those posts which offend you and limit the readership of those posts which you believe might irritate him. Of course, the option to quietly remove him from your list of friends is always an option, provided that he does not do this to you first. Even in Republic bastions, a few voices cry in the wilderness, hoping to make another side be heard.