Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fraternal Sage

Today's Seekers may be found here:

1. You owe them nothing. Tell them you do not wish to be contacted again. End of story. The Sage further advises you to caution her that if she persists, you will first tell her exactly why you want no contact, before you obtain a restraining order.

2. The Sage recommends that you gather about your family friends of all ages, both of your husband's generation and of your own. As many of the younger me may be looking to your husband for employment, advice, loans, montoring, or whatever, I doubt he will experience the type of isolation you are experiencing.

3. The Sage suggests removing only the joint from the tatoo. It will be easier to explain to the children that your husband regrets the tatoo of the tiger, than that he also once condoned the use of marijuana. He can chalk off any scar remaining from removing the joint to being something that he got in the military, and let them imagine it is a battle scar.

4. The Sage concurs with the lesser Advisor on this one. However, the Sage also wonders why this was of such import that one would go to the trouble of approaching the Mystic Cave for an answer.

1 comment:

  1. Great advice as usual Sage.

    I particularly like the suggestion of claiming the joint, or the part where the joint used to be, as a battle scar.

    I have one better: why not claim the whole of the tatoo is a battle scar produced by a scary new weapon that leaves traces on its victims' bodies in the form of a tiger smoking a joint?

    If nothing else, this tale would keep the kids from smoking pot because of what it obviously did to their dad's brain...

    Of course by the time the kids are old enough to recognize a joint, the whole issue will be out of their parents' hands...