Friday, February 26, 2010

The Sage on being a Grup

Warning: If you are looking for a chuckle, this is not the post in which to find it.

When the Sage was only a Disciple in knee robes, the Sage read an article stating that most Grups* have forgotten what it felt like to be a child, and that only those Grups who made a conscientious effort to do so really did well at recalling this. The Sage, therefore, made a conscious decision then and there to maintain a sense of the childlike thoughout life. This generally has been a positive; although, on occasion it has made it difficult to respond appropriately as a Grup.

This weekend, the Sage must be a Grup. One of the Sage's favorite Mentors has left for another plane of existence. Tonight, the Sage made the Grup-ly visit to see the Minions left behind. Tomorrow, many individuals, both sage and unwizened, will gather to send the Mentor upon her way, and to comfort each other in the darkness left behind from the extinguishing of so bright a candle.

As Mentors go, this was truly one of the finest. Unlike the Sage, this Mentor never had a bad word for any Soul. When others of this world were unkind, the Mentor was more apt to respond with confusion than with anger. Literal hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of lives were touched by the Mentor. Who could hope to do better?

The Sage marvels sadly at the truth of the axiom that only the good die young. This Mentor had many long years ahead, but was cruelly snuffed out prematurely by a Darkness which crept upon her unaware. Meanwhile, one of the vilest malefactors the Sage has ever had misfortune to know goes on strongly, approaching the century mark. The Sage is both saddened and angered by the unfairness of this certainty, that it does indeed rain on both the good and the evil; but the evil, it seems, are often provided with better umbrellas.

The Sage acknowledges that life goes on; although, a large part of the harmony in life's song has paled, at least for the moment. The Sage promises the many Seekers that the Sage's usual meditations upon matter more festive will return shortly.

*For those Seekers unfamiliar with the term Grup, kindly refer to the Star Trek episode entitled "Miri".

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