Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sagely riches

Today's Seekers ( seem to concentrate strongly on financial matters, with one notable exception. However, this exception is concerned about something more valuable than earthly riches.

1. The Sage has nothing to add to that stated by the Lesser Advisor other than this: The Sage sincerely hopes that you are not of such a conservative background that you believe this infection is grounds to make your child motherless. Rarely, this can be passed to a child at birth by its mother. Tell yourself this is what happened and go on about your life.

2. The Sage is aware that many couples become betrothed and then choose rings together. This prevents the misfortune of a gentleman spending a fortune on a ring which the woman either rejects by declining the engagement or simply dislikes. Purchase an inexpensive ring with a pretty stone, perhaps her birthstone or yours, as a token of your love. If she spurns you or your gift, you will realize her superficiality goes far deeper than you had suspected, and you can cut your losses.

3. The Sage believes that life is too short to be stuck in a profession which one detests. Since your husband is supportive, consider this venture to be setting an example to your young child in following one's dreams.

4. The Sage is not in the habit of encouraging illegal gambling. However, were the Sage to do so, the host would advised to act like "the house", and leave one's own wager out. A more fun yet magnanimous gesture might be that you and your spouse both play, but either return whatever funds the two of you might win, or use those winnings to treat your friends to another party sans cover charge.

The Sage must now depart the Mystic Cave for a time. The Keepers of Scrolls have informed the Sage that there is a penalty awaiting for failure to return a given scroll in a timely manner. The Minions must be duely chastised.

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  1. Oh Sage, your scroll is priceless, as usual. I hope those turkeys, I mean seekers, listen to you!