Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Sage

Ah, Spring. A time when the birds sing, the flowers bloom, the wind howls, and everyone descends into various states of madness. When the projects which the mere Voters rejected numerous times finally come to fruition at the politicians' behest. When the working classes dash about to pay their Tributes to Caesar. When the Minions' thoughts turn toward the cleaning and airing out of the Mystic Cave, and their curiosity gets the better of them when they happen across forgotten containers. When the mischievous Cupid has a new supply of arrows fashioned during the winter. When the young Scholars risk successful completion of their studies in order to have more time for daytime frolickings.

No, there are no Seekers lined up to inquire of the Sage today. The creek has risen with recent precipitation, and the trip up the mountain to the Mystic Cave is more perilous than at other times of the year. The Sage is able to bask in the sun, at least mentally, to peruse some long anticipated scrolls, and generally to re-energize in preparation for the many Seekers hoping to find easy remedies for the repercussions of their spring feverishness.

Ah, Spring.

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