Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hurried Sage

The Sage was away from the Mystic Cave today, so this is a repost of what was stated on the Lesser Advisor's site. The Seekers may be found here.

The original of this post may be found here.

1. The Sage inisists that you absolutely must share this with your father immediately. After all, he certainly has a right to know about his mother's torrid sexual history. What harm could it do, after all, besides shaking your father's sense of self, causing him to lose respect for his mother, and feeling lost when condolences are offered once your grandfather does pass, in addition to your having violated your grandmother's trust. But what a small price to pay for your father to know that probably in come cemetery somewhere is the biological father whom he will never know, because of being loving raised by the imposter who is now dealing with that tiny little condition known as Alzheimer's?

2. The Sage demands that you go door to door, airing your dirty laundry about your ex-wife, complete with a multitude of explitives, and then continue the conversations to express how kind and loving your and your wife are. Naturally, the neighbors will admire your attempting to set the record straight and involving them in a nasty family matter involving a potentially ill jilted spouse. This of necessity will make all your neighbors feel more warm and kindly to all of you, and eager to bring you and your current wife into their homes, so as to encourage your ex to pay them an eye-opening visit. Alternately, permit them to assume that the ex is deranged, and continue to get to know the two of you on your own merits.

3. The Sage wonders why Karen isn't consulting the Sage if she is the one with this dilemma. The Sage wonders also why Karen is incapable of telling Eileen that this is simply an inconvenient time, and perhaps offering to assist her in locating a suitable, inexpensive, and safe hotel. However, since Karen is not the Seeker, and it is not your problem, the Sage will abstain from becoming involved in a third party's vexation.

4. It is the Sage's experience that when one casts aspersions upon oneself, that one is hoping that the listener will assure the speaker of the absurdity of the claims being made. As to the second query, simple questions demand simple answers. "No" sounds appropriate in this case, if that indeed is the truth. You might add, as appropriate and if you feel generous, that you were made aware of the position in part due to her having known of the opening.

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