Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simply Sage

The Sage apologizes for lack of edginess this morning. Not only are the Seekers of even less entertaining caliber than usual, but the Sage is please at the Chilean government's successful attempts to rescue the 33 trapped miners. The Sage believes most governments would have written them off in the first two weeks, and having been unlikely to survive and the task to rescue them as being too daunting and dangerous.

The Sage is considering tabling this format, in lieu of mimicry of the Monday Seekers with a single answer, instead. On to today's Seekers, who may be found here.

1. Seeker yelled at sister during a wedding, who then told Seeker how mean she's always been.

The Sage recommends that you own your meanness. Not everyone has the ability to anger everyone by merely entering a room. Revel in your meanness. Embrace it and let it become who you are. This way, you always will be remembered wherever you go.

(The Sage disavows any knowledge of lesser Advisors who attempt to give complex medical/psychiatrist diagnoses by e-mail.)

2. Male Seeker made unwanted sexual advances toward a straight friend while on anesthesia.

The Sage agrees that you should disance yourself from this alleged "friend". Anyone who would take someone fresh from surgery and drop them off at a bus stop is no friend.

3. Seeker's landlord has resumed human sex slave trafficking in Seeker's building of residence.

The Sage urges you to turn in your landlord. While you may still need to pay this reprobate your monthly rent, you will feel better mailing said checks to the state penitentiary.

4. Seeker's relatives drop off their children without warning.

The Sgae long ago deveolped a solution to similar dilemmas. Pack whatever bags you generally take for an evening outing - diaper bag, stroller and the like. Leave them by the door. When the relatives come to drop off their inconvenient children, tell them that you would love to help, except that you were just going out. Explain that had they called first and asked, you might have been able to make other plans. Also mention that you can no longer afford the financial, physical, or emotional costs of watching five children at once, including your own newborn.


  1. Great wisdom as usual: "revel in your meanness and you'll be remembered" --now I understand better those folks who screw up social occasions for all those present: they'll live their marks in people's memories. How clever is that!

    And what a clever advice on the way to foil relatives taking advantage of you!

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