Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today's Seekers may be found here:

1. Daughter's fiance has committed such egregious social blunders as tucking his shirt in while standing in front of Seeker.

The Sage is at a loss to understand why you did not speak up before now. When the gentleman committed ungentlemanly acts which might charitably be explained as a lack of proper upbringing. As to the charge that he intentionally rubbed his clothes genitalia against your back, most individuals would, at that moment, have asked him to desist, or mentioned it to your daughter shortly after. Since you have opted to let these behaviors continued unchecked, the Sage must conclude that you have enjoyed these attentions, and are only bothered now that he intends to become a permanent member of your extended family. Naturally, you must describe, in full detail, every minute transgression you have been forced to endure at the hands of this young degenerate to your daughter, his intended, so that his attentions may directly only toward you in the future.

2. Adult former bullying victim has located former Omega female on Facebook and wishes to apologize.

The Sage recognizes that you have grown since your age was written with a single digit, and surmises that your own former victim has, as well. You may even pat yourself on the back for having prepared this young woman for a lifetime of dicriminatory behaviors directed against herself and any children she may now have. However, the Sage fails to see what harm could come from a simple message, apologizing for youthful misdeeds, particularly if this is not accompanied with a request that she now become your "friend." Many people get past childhood hurts, and she may not remember your actions as well as you do yourself, or she may see you as the one person in her life she wishes never again to see.

3. Seeker's unemployed brother-in-law has invited Seeker and husband to his timeshare, but at their expense.

The Sage is aghast that an unemployed man would expect any financial assistance from his loving family toward a vacation at which he is providing the lodging at no cost to his guests. The Sage demands that you instantly cut this person off from your life forever, so that you never again need to enjoy a vacation without paying for your own room.

4. Seeker has been in therapy for 2 years, and has not yet informed the therapist that the Seeker's name is being misspelled.

The Sage agrees that you are in need of therapy to deal with your issues. A good rule of thumb concerning one's own name is to let errors go with someone you do not expect to see again, and to correct such errors when you do expect a coninued relationship, personal or professional. Now would be a good time to say to your therapist that you have been planning to mention the spelling error, but did not wish to seem petty at the time. Then you must ask the therapist to recommend a therapist you can actually assist you in learning to stand up for yourself.

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