Saturday, January 7, 2012

Postdated Sage

The Sage has been speechless the last few days and therefore unable to address this week's Seekers. However, with the assistance of one the the Sage's more vocal Minions, this will be remedied now. As the Sage was unable to speak previously, credit is given to other views postulated by other Advisors.

The Seekers may be found here:

1. The Sage would note that people naturally have gas in their digestive systems, which naturally comes out, one way or the other. If your boyfriend expects a woman who is not a real person, perhaps he would be better off purchasing a Stepford Wife. (The Sage is referring to the type from the book, not from the movie.)

2. The Sage recommends that when someone states that they do not wish to discuss a confidence earlier shared, that the individual means just that. Do not discuss this further, and do not act differently than you did before. When she is ill enough for this to impact her ability to perform as a professional and as a mother, she will then do what needs to be done. Ignore the advice of the busybody Lesser Advisor.*

*Another Advisor has rightfully pointed out that perhaps this individual made up this tale while tipsy, and is now embarassed at the fabrication.

3. The Sage suspects there is a reason that you went to live with your grandmother rather than with your own father, and that you now have seen only a part of the reason. Remind your girlfriend that if you were not with her, you might well be with some other woman, and your father's reaction would be the same. You both need to write him off for the overzealous bigot that he apparently is.

4. The Sage is rather surprised at this alleged dilemma; although, it most certainly does happen that people sometimes hide their income, or else live in a valuable property that they can ill afford to keep.** Be assured that those in the position of making a final decision regarding her financial assistance research the backgrounds of their candidates thoroughly, including determining their applicants' parents approximate net worth. This is not your responsibility.

** Other Advisors have correctly mentioned that people often live on the properties of friends, relatives, employers, or even as boarders; without the owners' income being part of that of the residents'. Others have pointed out that even well-off students may need assistance to attend certain private institutions.

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