Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Sage addresses bad behaviors.

Today's Seekers may be found here:

1. The Sage presumes that you never have made out with any women besides your current girlfriend, or that if you have, you moved immediately after it ended to another state in order never to have contact with that women again. Absillutely, you must avoid this wedding and never see this woman again. Do not neglect to move hundreds of miles away from her, in case yo uever find another girlfriend. She deserves to be with a man who can trust her, once she has made a tentative commitment to someone. You obviously are not that man.

2. The Sage suggests that your husband tell his parents that they are adults and may do whatever they wish, whether he approves or not. He must add, however, that he refuses to be involved in any way in these decisions. Encourage your husband to refuse to be executor of their wills one day, as the executor can in some instances, be held fiscally responsible for debts of the estate being handled.

3. The Sage concurs that an adult in a professional setting should not act like a 10-year old. As your husband has found out, this may have serious repercussions. As to your own marriage, insist that the matter now be dropped and not mentioned again by either of you until any trial which may arise from this, but you also need to keep an eye on the household condiments. The Sage disagrees with the Lesser Advisor that your husband's motive was to make his coworker ill, but merely intended to make the coffee taste unpleasant; and recognizes that this still  is not the behavior of a responsible adult.

4. The Sage feels almost as bad about your situation as she does about that of the children in this teacher's care. Regardless of circumstance, you must report these actions posthaste. Explain your concerns about your evaluation with the principal, who may be able to provide you a positive evaluation for doing the right thing, or at least locate a different teacher with whom to pair you. These children must not be left in this situation one more day than absolutely necessary. If you are still hesitant, consider that a single parent complaining to a parent may make you equally culpable in the eyes of the principal and your instructors, for having permitted it to continue.


  1. You know when she says she "made out" with these guys, she means she at least gave them blowjobs, and most likely means she had sex with them. I don't think making out is even considered first base anymore.

  2. Irrelevant. She's not with them anymore. If this generation is going to use sex almost like a handshake, they can't afford to get upset when their current love-interests have had sex with half the room.