Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sage is Sage, but Laurel is a Twig.

Yesterday, the Sage was assailed by a snippet of that lesser Advisor known for her doctorate in physiology. A young, female Seeker was concerned that perhaps her feelings regarding a childhood molestation had been trivialized by her parents. When the "doctor" pressed for details, the Seeker mentioned that her father had "attacked" the near-adult cousin who had perpetrated the act. "Dr" L answered that "that was acknowledgement enough." When the Seeker mentioned lesser incidents during her adolescence, the "good doctor" told the Seeker that since she had been "getting off" on this attention, she needed to deal with her own "guilt" and leave her parents out of it.

The Sage is incensed. Even if the parents reacted strongly when first hearing of this incident, there is no evidence that they did not subsequently sweep it under the rug. The parents failed to protect their child by preventing further contact with this child molestor as she matured. Even if a child "gets off" on being molested or otherwise inappropriately misused by an adult, they cannot be held at fault. It is the duty of the adult NOT to harm the child, and that of her parents and other caring adults who know that an evil person has harmed her to keep her away from this vile soul.

People like this "doctor" give power to abusers, molestors, and rapists by making the violation the responsibility of the victim. She is an accessory in harming this youth, and the Sage strongly detests those who harm the young or others who are vulnerable.

Sage advice to this young Seeker, should she happen upon the Mystic Cave:

By all means you must speak with your parents. Tell them that you feel they devalued you and cared more about the feelings of your relatives than about their own child's safety and well-being. If you are fortunate, they will acknowleedge their wrong-doing and help you work through this now. If they continue to insist that you "make nice" with your contemptable cousin and the other common relations, then you need to disavow yourself of the family you were born with, and find a group of loving friends to be the new family of your own making.

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