Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Sage

As it finally has now exceeded 90° F outside the Mystic Cave, the Sage welcomes the longest season of the year, summer. It is anticipated that this season should end sometime in September or October or possibly November; being replaced by a few weeks each of autumn, winter, and spring.

This week's Seekers are located here.

1. The Sage commends you on recognizing the correct path, that of encouraging your mother's poor decisions and of endangering the security and peacefulness of your own home. You must inform your husband that you will be staying at your mother's home for the entire time that your mother is gone, plus a few days before and a few days after her trip, in order to make the transition for this destructive child much easier. After all, should your mother become disabled or deceased, you will need to know how to be the fulltime caregiver for the child and possibly for your mother.

2. The Sage recognizes that your overpowering love for this young man who you scarcely know must be paramount in your decisions. Insist that he withdraw from school immediately, so that you may begin to llive your fantasy with him. Being the older and surely wiser member of this yet-to-be coupling, you must not risk your own employment situation, but must begin preparations to support him as a future stay-at-home father to your many children. Do not let him deny his love for you, as it surely must be.

3. The Sage concurs with the concept of living eachday as though it may be your last. Regrettably, this is more true for you than for most. Rather than dwelling upon your eventual demise - which happens to all at some point - concentrate on making the best memories for your children that you can. This does not mean taking them from school and making a whirlwind tour of every amusement park in the country, but rather trying to convey to them in however much time you may have your values and your love for them. While the average expectancy may be only five years, your own timeline may be considerably longer, or possibly even a bit shorter. Remind yourself that every day that you can function well is a gift, and live it to its fullest.

4. The Sage suggest that you lie. You suddenly have developed a condition in your back forbidding you to lift something of the weight of these bottles. Inform the ladies that a more athletic one of them must now assume this responsibility. Lesser Advisors would recommend that you discuss this with management and encourage them to get the sort of water coolers which do not require one to heft large jugs.

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